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June 13, 2008



great post, dear, i like the characters that are in the show,


This looks amazing.


I wondered why this was in my queue. Luckily Google found me your post again!

It's still down at #17 though.


Wait, have you actually watched the movie yet? It was literally terrible. Over the top, poor filming, the actors all need to go back was on my netflix queue a while ago, and i watched it because I'm a sucker for this kind of shitty scary movie, but it didn't have anything of value, not even laughs.


Yeup, I bought it. I've shown this movie to a lot of people and 50% enjoy it a lot while the other 50% don't. I loved it, thought it was pretty clever and funny, and I've added it as a Halloween classic for me. To each his own, I guess :)


I just realized I bought this randomly at a closing Blockbuster and am yet to watch. Will have to do. Also, you have 60 pages of blog. You write a lot.


The "raisin incident" caught me by surprise, and hooked me forever. I <3 this movie.


Yeah, basically the perfect kick-off to an indie horror film. I also love Lancelot the cat.

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