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September 26, 2008



When I grow up and become a world famous VJ like Josh Robotkid, I'm totally gonna use the hell out of this.

Your creative commons are mine!


Roll me up into a Katamari Mashup video? Anytime.

Daniel Perez

That video is so full of win! How do the spoons work? Did you have one of them play the song and you just flickered the lights back and forth to the music?



The spoons have small buttons on their handles that make them light up when you push them. I was playing the Indiana Jones theme from my computer, and flickering them accordingly. They originally came from a two boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats, which I had to buy in order to get my limited edition Indiana Jones spoon.


This... is genius! I feel like 12 seconds was the exact right amount of time for me to be watching you do this.


I love this!! The first time I watched it was without audio, so it didn't make much sense. But now I see the light.

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Agree with your point of view

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