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July 24, 2009


Garth Webb



It's like EA wants us to hate them.


Wow, they picked the 7th-best Deadly Sin to base this contest on. I, for one, wouldn't mind proving my sloth to win. Except by entering you're actually not being lazy. But with this contest, I wouldn't be surprised to see them raise more wrath than lust. Hopefully EA doesn't have too much pride to apologize for this, though.

I can't figure out how to include gluttony, envy and greed into this comment; additions encouraged)


By the way, the fact that I am joking doesn't mean this doesn't piss me off-- I'm just in shitty joke mode after the unpearable fruit puns the other day


I wish that fruit pun thread lasted forever.

Jeffrey Matulef

Did the thought of eating contest for gluttony not cross anyone's minds?


To quote Demetri Martin:

"I think an eating contest is really just the beginning of a shitting contest. Congrats, you're the winner, but in Round 2 everybody loses."

Boy, I hope we're allowed to swear in the comments.

Account Deleted

They deleted that "apology", but I found it again in their archives. There's a link round-up here, which includes a screen-cap of it.

I think it's really telling that EA decided to run this contest the year after there were a lot of complaints about sexual harassment at last year's Comic-Con. The Con Anti-Harassment Project was created in direct response to last year's SDCC sexual harassment problems.


First the "Christian demonstration" at E3, now this - makes me wonder why they are not talking about the actual game.

Also, hi, I'm the writer guy that hitched a ride with all of you at last year's E3, from Japantown to the Nintendo non-briefing. :)

Account Deleted

Oh, I'd like to point out that the Bully post is from last year (here's another post about it). Sexual harassment at Comic-Con is a continuing/historic problem. This is why the EA competition is so troubling, given this context.


So glad you brought this to the attention of the internets. Have you considered writing a piece on this and submitting it to Bitch Magazine?


I'm flabbergasted and dumbfounded. Who the f*** at EA thought this was a good idea?

Worst. Marketing Campaign Idea. Ever.

Furry cows moo and decompress.


It's not just EA... this kind of stuff happens in other parts of the nerd community, too. The infamous pornstar presentation was just in April at Golden Gate Ruby Con, though maybe not quite as ridiculous...

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