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[this is good] SO cute!  I need a haircutter who knows what it means to really 'have at' with my hair when I say 'have at.'  Not just 'give me the exact same hairstyle that I had before.'  Does your guy know any kick ass stylists in the San Francisco Bay Area?


The last time I got my hair cut in a 'have at it' way was at Zip Zap Hair by Karafina in Lower Haight, and it turned out pretty well!


C'est tres magnifique!  You're so hipster without being a hipster. Um, you know what I mean... ;)


Cool, maybe I'll see you around town tomorrow :)


[this is good]

it looks pretty nice!! :-D


[this is good] Nice haircut :)


I read up on her, and I tried to get in the day after I read your comment, but she was booked (doi!  silly me!)  But I'm going to go to her before London.  Or, at least the shop (I've read only good things... and I think there's a guy there who is good with mixed chick hair).  Thank you so much for the recommendation.


sure thing! I hope you get a great haircut... and have a great time in London!

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