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[this is good]

Khalid El-Nahmean

what's your tumblr?  mine:  eldoggrag.tumblr.com


Mine is tiff.tumblr.com, though it's just an aggregate of my tweets + ffffound + del.i.cious. + random quotes

Khalid El-Nahmean

thats pretty much what my jaiku is haha, and also a place if people want to say anything about my tumblelogs...  same handle on there as tumblr


[this is good] I like it, I may just have to add this application to my facebook page, so what does it do exactly. Does it let you post , entries from facebook to vox. Or what does it do? I am kind of confused. Maybe I just have to add it to facebook, and find out. 


[this is good] Oooh, nice! That banner is very cool. I remember reading a story on this on CNET or Wired or something...

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