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What has been seen, cannot be undone...

Captain Manta

[this is good] See now .tiff, this is why you need to add my other Vox as a contact.

Captain Manta

Also: I'm very excited by the recurrence of the bear hat. All the other forum members of the "Life of .tiff Fanfiction Internets Club" thought I was crazy to think it had greater importance. Now who's laughing?!

Also also: If someone sees this comment and actually makes that website, I am very, very sorry.


"Love of .tiff FanFiciton Interents Club"


The genius is that it cuts right off just before the absurdity hits you
and for added LOL you then see the "Thanks for nothing". This pretty
much sums up what I think of these Video Game Development programs
sprouting up at every college (the one that Colin attended is here in Toronto, no less).


Thanks for nothing. Gets me everytime :).

Captain Manta

[this is good] The "Thanks for nothing" was my favorite part. I'm kind of in a similar situation and I got to vent vicariously. :)

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