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Captain Manta

[this is good] 2. I hate Aaron Burr! I hate him so much!

8. If you just tried harder you could have been a world famous synchronized swimmer that breaks new territory in electrical engineering while moonlighting on Broadway.
All with the power of coffee.


yes, what a future that would have been.

Thad Manning

I had the same reaction that you did when I first got tagged by stevie. But, then I realized that it could be a fun way to get to know my neighbors and let them know a little bit more about myself. Everyone has done at least one thing that they are really proud of and it is nice to be able to toot your own horn once in a while. You've got a great list. Thanks for sharing it. 


Engineering is overrated.


Hamilton had it coming. Guy was a jackass.


Asshole vs. Jackass, fighting for our country!

Explains a lot.

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