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Captain Manta

[this is good] "I believe love is a choice, not just a feeling."

I believe my faith in the internet masses is coming back. Downside is this is going to be a huge time eater.


[this is good] Thats a really intersting take on twitetiquette.  Thanks for sharing :)


for the record, I think the number of twitter related jargon that has emerged from twitter is pretty funny. 'Twitetiquette', 'Twitterverse'. 'Twitterati' It's just as hard to keep up with the twitter lingo as it is to keep up with all the twitter-esque sites that keep popping up!


[this is good] i love this twistori thing!  man if i had a bar i'd have six screens playing each individual thing. 


this is so freaking cool..must agree with uccloud9 in the comment up there..i woud like to have these things around me on different screens and stuff..i have a screen with twittervision at my office or home sometimes..now i'll probably lay with this as well..thanks ma'am! (a good find here in twitterdom, lol..)

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