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That's funny, I just listened to this whole thing on the way home today again. It's very good. There some tracks on there that I make me think this is what Gwen Stefani wishes she was doing lol. Of course, there's some completely different stuff on there too so it's hard to make the connection.

I got the impression that L.E.S. Artistes was kind of a b-side because I swear the single they were pushing was Creator... but they're both really good, I'd say arguably the best two tracks on the album.


That's interesting! I didn't think to connect Santogold and Gwen, but some of the stuff Santogold is doing now is comparable to ye olde Gwen of the No Doubt days.

Santogold is so fresh and complex in its diversity across the album. I definitely think that L.E.S. Artistes and Creator are some of the best tracks... but I'm now a repeat listener to I'm A Lady, and when she howls in Anne I get chills.


[this is good] I was going to say the same thing, I first heard the album in a shop and thought it was Gwen Stefani, until I heard the single, which I already knew was Santogold. Her voice sounds very similar to Stefani's in some tracks. If Gwen had not gone the crazy route she did during the No Doubt hiatus, she would be sounding like this. 'You'll Find A Way' and 'Say Aha' have the No Doubt ska stabs and bassline. It'll be interesting to hear what the new No Doubt album will sound like next year!

The first Santogold song I heard was Creator, on a commercial for something, I thought it was a brilliant new MIA track XD

'I'm A Lady' is definitely reminiscent of Pixies work, especially the bass which is pure Kim Deal :)

I really liked this album and the influences didn't take away from my enjoyment
 as it was a good mix. I do hope on the next album she'll find more of her voice as this is a very impressive start.

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