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Your hair is SO cute!!  


Ha, that's an awesome picture.

You mean you don't want to get together with three of your friends and swing remotes around wildly pretending to pretend to play an instrument? You're nuts lol.


[this is good] RAWR!

Jay Frechette

[this is good] Nice! I grabbed the same pic with the Bionic Arm this morning. If you get a free minute you should come by 1up HQ over at 503 and say hi :)

Captain Manta

That you found the Nintendo press conference disappointing is disappointing. On the other hand, so many good games came out this year that I'll be playing catch up for at least another year or two anyway.  


[this is good] Awesome!


Hey! I ran int Garnett when I was outside in the hallway. I'll definitely stop by, but you'll have to wave and let me know you're you since I haven't met you before :D

Also, nice pic! Saw it on your 1up blog :D

Jay Frechette

Will do. We should grab lunch or something quick this week.


Resistance is futile.  You will be assimilated.


[this is good] me = SO.JEALOUS.


Papi Chulo

Dude. Have you been working out? Or perhaps getting injections of a top secret serum in an underground lab?

I guess it could just be the haircut.

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