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I'm assuming this is the log lady from Twin Peaks? If so, aren't you way to young to remember that show?


Yes it is! I can't wait to carry my log on the muni on my way to work. I am too young to remember that show from when it was on TV, but that's why we have Netflix ;)


Are you going to wear a wig and glasses like the Log Lady?


I found some perfect glasses at the thrift store, but I think I'll save my wig-wearing for the Twin Peaks party next month...


that is awesome.  i'm gonna be dora the explorer. i'm using it as an excuse to yell at people in spanish.

in other news i'm freakin tired from wii music.  and no i have not turned into a korean teenage boy :-p


[this is good]

Michael Sippey

[this is good]


That's a great idea, hope you post pics :D

W. B. Mook

My log saw something that night...

Khalid El-Nahmean

did you ever make this pic in sepia?


Shouldn't that be left alone in the forest?
There goes our environment, LOL

metatrader 5

Great idea. Have you made pics? P.s. Is she from Twin Peaks? 


[this is good] awesome. David Lynch would be proud




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