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How about a Leica?  Beautiful looking cameras, although the price tag is a bit hefty...


I just got a D40 a few months back and I love it! I'm sure I've only scraped the surface of what there is to know about it- but so far I'm impressed. Highly recommended!




i have a d40.  you used it when you were here in the seatts.  yes, get one!


One of my coworkers is a camera guru and he says the that D40 is one of the best consumer cameras out there.

Paul Mison

I'm going to be the (probably lone) voice to come out against the D40, on the grounds that it (and the other low-end Nikons) can't use lenses without an autofocus motor. In practice, this means that the cheap primes can't be used unless you're willing to manually focus. I don't think any other DSLR range (Canon, Pentax and Sony being the other choices) has this problem.

Now, if you can deal with that, fine, but do be aware of it before leaping in.

Also, you won't get any better macro with the kit lens. You'll need a macro lens (or at least filter) for that. Still, you'll probably take better photos than I do, so who am I to say not to?

Michael Sippey

I have a D50 and I absolutely love it.  The kit lens is fine, but I'm a prime lens person (there's whole blog post in me about why that is, but I'll spare you here), and the 28mm f/2.8 basically stays on my camera all the time.  (Lens people may argue with me, but for me the 28mm on the D50 is the moral equivalent of a 50mm on my old Nikon FG.

Warning:  at some point you'll stress out that you don't use it all the time, because it's just too big to carry with you everywhere you go, but then you'll have the realization that It's OK, you don't need to have your big expensive camera with you everywhere you go, and that it's OK to just use it when you *want* to use it.

So yes -- stimulate the global economy!  Buy a new camera!

Captain Manta

[this is good] Yay for a new camera! I know both people on the Canon/Nikon battle lines, so I can't offer advice on that. The D90 would be nice what with the video mode, but that would be a little pricey for a starter. Just make sure the brand you pick is one you want to stick with, otherwise you'll have to buy a whole new set of lenses down the road.

Either way, I can't way to see the pictures you're going to take with it!


The new gold standard.  You know, full-frame, HD video and all at "prosumer" pricing.  Also on backorder, boooo. XP

On the D40's level?  Twice the awesome, for only $100 more (side-by-side review).


[いいですね] Thoughts for ya:

1) Any DSLR that's not full-frame (ie $2500+) is going to take basically the same pictures as any other- Feel free to base the decisions on stuff like frames-per-second, remote
flash, or any other little features that strike your fancy. I like Nikons because there's lots of good, cheap glass for them. The D40's cool; you might also look at a refurbished D80 (works with more lenses). Don't sweat the size. Once it doesn't fit in your pocket, the
difference between a big and small DSLR body really isn't much. Go for
a good combination of affordable lenses, features, and price.

2) Pictures that get taken are usually way cooler than pictures that don't get taken. I used to use a DSLR, but now my Panasonic LX3 goes with my everywhere, and my D50 stays at home. The Panasonic LX3, Ricohs, Canon G10, and Fujifilm f100fd all have wide, bright lenses, good low-light performance, are pretty pocketable, and come in between $300-$500. Seriouscompacts.com has a bunch of cool stuff about this new breed of compact camera.

Zen Bahri

i recommend Canon G9. worth every yen!!!


Got an D40X instead, it's got 10MPx in opposit to D40, which got only
6MPx, and that matters a lot (new sensor, slightly better in terms of
sensivity and so on).
But overall - it's a good camera, you won't be disappointed.

P.S.: I've got Canon, so I'm not Nikon-ist anyway ;).


[いいですね] i recently got a dslr and had to make the decsion between canon and nikon. There is nothing between the 2. Both are as good.

With regard to the lower ends then yeh u can compare spec and stuff bewteen d40 and d40x etc but then again it all boils down to 2 things.

1. The photographer
2. The lens ( but even then its not that important)

Every lens has a limit so u just have to learn to work within that and not blame the lens or camera. You can see great pics taken by crappy mobile phone cameras. Its all about being there at the right time etc. ( i love the holga camera effects and thats a £40 plastic camera with plastic lens!!)

Inshort whatever camera u get u will be have fun :D


i think d80 might be an optimal machine for your further needs


Nikon has hit a grand slam with this camera. It's as close to
perfection as any digital camera has ever come. Sure, there are
"better" cameras for more money, but they are all twice the
size/weight. I would get this camera even if I had an unlimited amount
of money to spend. There is simply nothing like it. Lots of ingenius
user interface elements, superb feel/handling, superb flash (both
internal and external SB-400), outstanding image quality, instant
response, superb viewfinder, superb LCD... I could go on. I have
nothing bad to say about it, and I'm extremely picky.


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My boyfriend is a huge photograph fan and got a D40, he is a real fan of it and makes lots and lots of pictures (which look mostly very good).

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