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Captain Manta

[this is good] So. Freaking. Adorable. 


[this is good] Aw, so cute!


[this is good]

So cute!  It's so great that you have this recording!


Thanks! I'm so fortunate to have had a Dad who knew his stuff when it came to documenting his kids growing up :)


[c’est top] Thanks for sharing, that is so cute! I wish I had something like this of me, I don't even have very many photos


[das ist gut] [This is way keeeewt]


[this is good]


That Rocks!


oh my GOSH! so adorable!! was there a video component, or was it just an audio recording? ahha. i think lots of kids botch the l-m-n-o-p part!

and you sang on key ! ADORRRRRRABLE


Hey Jess! Thanks :) It was just an audio recording that my Dad did via his mac classic, and yeah, the l-m-n-o-p part is really tricky!!!

(p.s. I replied to your comment on my other blog... you should get a profile account on TypePad so you can receive notifications when I reply back :D)

things to love

[this is good] oh so cute *---*


[this is good]

Oh, this recording must be your treasure. You sound very clever as well as cute!



[this is good] Tiff! This is so beautiful ;_;




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