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December 18, 2008



That's crazy !


This just reminds me of how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thai ghost culture (and as an extension all of the movies based on it). This summer I saw the film 4bia, which you sohuld check out if you get the chance. Also check out those directors' previous flicks, "Shutter" and "Alone." Especially Shutter. But even more than those, possibly the BEST GHOST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN is called "The Victim" by Monthon Arayangkoon. SEE THIS IF YOU GET THE CHANCE. Especially the freaking credits... oh my god best credits sequence OF ALL TIME. SO CREEPY.


Woah! Sadly enough this is only my *first* encounter with any sort of Thai ghost culture, but as far as I'm concerned it seems like my kind of bread and butter. Are the films you suggested horror films? Also, is Shutter about a photographer finding a girl in the subway...?

I guess I could look all this up myself, but hey, the web is lazzzy.


It's about a guy who hits a girl with his car and then gets haunted, in a nutshell. Don't wanna say too much about it.

Yeah, all of the movies I said were horror films. I can also recommend some non-horror Thai films though, or some Korean horror too. I REALLY love Thai film (and to a lesser degree K-film too).


I'm a total fan of Korean films, but I haven't dipped too much in the Thai film department. Now I have some great suggestions! THANKS BRILLIANT WILLIAM!


Thigh ghost culture.


Ghostly appendages.



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