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December 19, 2008


Thad Manning

I have seen a lot of previous fashion trends recycled in recent years, but not this particular style to any large degree. Too bad. I went on to watch the second part of the Devil's Toy, unsure of whether the movie was truly against skateboarding as the title indicated. Fashion may have changed, but attitudes of the skateboarders remain the same. They want to skate wherever they please and have no regard for the other traffic on the road. The difference today, is that we now treat them as pedestrians and are always watchful and cautious around them. In my neighborhood, during the summer, they have the rule of the road and while they will eventually move out of the way, they are in no hurry to do so. Unfortunately, sidewalks were banned from use, so they are forced to take to the street. I think part two also demonstrates that when youth gather around a common activity and the general public attempts to ban that activity, there is always going to be some collective rebellion and even violence at times. It is the struggle between parent and child for control at a much higher level.


The last 3 minutes of part two always gives me delight-shudders.

To give it some context though... there's something kinda lame about anglo kids in Westmount singing "we will overcome."


I didn't finish writing that. Oops.

I meant to add that those kids were probably pretty well-to-do and living in a city where other people were singing that very song in REAL retaliation. Eng-Fr relations in this city are always weird but rich white English kids complaining about persecution is... yeah, borderline offensive? It only adds to the video though :)

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