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January 26, 2009


Alex Deve

this is so cool :)

Michael Sippey

[this is good] I like the one with the fists.


Thanks! I was really sick that day, and so I was pumping myself up. PS: Nice avatar!

Michael Sippey

Heh, thanks. I know where you can get a mug with that mug.


Laffs! What clever wordplay. Yes I've seen the Sippey mug mug in your office before :D


Each day photo linking to a blog post ... that sounds like, erm, Mixed Media Template in TypePad :)


Ha ha, I'm sure its feasible! I have to ask myself if I'm ready to create another blog though. I have too many already :P


random things that jump out at me:

1) I like how there's like a bandana phase in the first fifth but then there's no more bandanas. Fun story: my roommate has a t-shirt with a screenprinted red bandana around the neck and since he got it he has been accosted TWICE, a haitian guy started pointing at it and screaming in french and at another point a young hispanic kid (like, 8) tried to rip it off of his neck.

2) aren't R6C5 and R6C10 from the same day/time? or am i on POWER PILLS aka narcotics :( :( :(

3) in yr old age are you getting less TUFF? there's a lot less I AM TUFF pics as it progresses!

4) sup w/ loom dawg?

5) wait a sec, back to point 2, ALSO R4C8??!!

6) i want R8C7 to be a little pin that says "no but seriously don't ask me about loom ok"

7) WHEN IS R9C9 FROM seriously it looks like it should be a still from a totally dope ghost movie. THAT SHADOW AAAAHHHH I LOVE THAT PICTURE.


1) Yeah, the bandana round the neck trend is dying down. I still have a lot of 'chiefs and scarves that I like to wear when its cold though!

2) They are at the same time of day, but not on the same day. When I'd take a photo, it'd be either a. in the morning before I went to work (that's what those two are from) b. when I'm going crazy at work c. when I'm decompressing from work.

3) Heh! I'm getting more tuff as we speak! I think I was my toughest when my hair was short though. I'm already kind of starting to miss it (I'm growing my hair out)

4) Loom!!!

5) Same time of day, but in my bedroom instead of the living room.

6) Haha, yeah I should make that! I wore that button out for laffs one evening at a bar, and people asked me about Loom and it was really nerdy for me to reveal what it was about.

7) I was in NYC in my friend's apartment, and it was very dark!


but why can't i see them big :(


He he, here's a bigger size! <3

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