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February 05, 2009



This is insanely nice. How were talented people able to promote themselves before the Internets?


I know right? It's really great when the little guy get's the spotlight on stage.

p.s. Haha, I love the Cafefoot avatar! Thumbs up!


hehe. Awesome. I'd love to see him do a Gamma Bros, Ratmaze or Dino Run what if.. :)


Oh man, that would be really neat-o! I wonder if you sent them a message on DeviantART they'd do a special request...

Capn Manta

So cool. I was just having a discussion with my Visual Media teacher on what the next major direction video games would take after 3D. It might not be as world changing as the transition to Mario 64, but it would be amazing if they started making new games with a classic feel and amazing artwork like this. Stop making more complex graphics, make what we have look better!


Hey Manta! Great to see you over here (and thanks for signing up for a TP account!) You should upload you're avatar so I can see your Manta face :D

Capn Manta

I'll make sure to do that! I signed up a month or so after you set this blog up, but forgot to do anything with it.. :P

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