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February 06, 2009


nicholas Felton

That gap in the dimensional type may be why I stopped watching... besides the profusion of The Wire actors, the solid dimensional type is the next best thing going for Fringe.

Steve Calderon

If you take the ASCII indexes of each of the letters in lost, and multiply them by a power of each of the numbers, you get the exact pixel coordinates on the outline of the S that are glitched.


4x8x15x16x23x42 = S Glitches?

Also, whatever happened to those numbers? I haven't seen hide nor hair of them in ages...


THANK YOU THIS HAS BOTHERED ME SO MUCH SINCE EPISODE ONE. Seriously I can't not focus on it. It almsot makes it MORE SCARY (i mean that sound IS scary) by giving the whole thing a "not-quite-working-oh-shit" feel. like my brain or tv is breaking each time.


Every time I see it I think to myself, "Really? Still? Am I the only one who notices this everytime the show is on??". It would be cool if they made the rest of the lettering sort of crumble away in dislodged pixels, but for now it's a glitch that gives me a bad itch ><


Yeah, it was weird to see The Wire actors suddenly appear when started to watch it. How's Fringe? I heard it wasn't too hot... so I never gave it a chance.

Capn Manta

I can't believe I never noticed that and/or can't believe you noticed that!

I believe the pixels contain the names of every person who's been on the island and the secret to why they are there.

Capn Manta

There's a few things that were such major mysteries to the show that have seemingly been forgotten about. One of my few pet peeves of the show, but I have a feeling there's an ultimate purpose to what they choose to focus on.

Capn Manta

Fringe is pretty cool. Of course my sister and I have been JJ Abram fans since Alias which....sort of tanked the last couple of seasons. But this show is good. Has a "Lost" sort of feel without being as hardcore or nearly as taxing on the brain. Of course there's a giant conspiracy, but the episodes are more contained so you can pick up somewhere, sit back and enjoy.

Austin DuBois

Oh My GOD! Now I know I'm not the only one that notices that, I noticed it on the first episode and now I can't unsee it. It glitches in the midsection of the "S" also. I really want them to fix it because it bugs the hell out of me.

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