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February 04, 2009


I tried to log in with my Google account, and for some reason, it shows up as some weird-ass long URL instead of "samit.sarkar" or something. I don't get it.

Re: #4 and that's why you suggested doing shots of Jameson at PAX! *shudders*

At first, I read #15 and was like, "Huh? That's a non sequitur..." But then I realized you were considering a French bulldog instead of kids, perhaps.

Agreed on #23 and 24 (see here).

Also, your handwriting is awesome. Mine's just borderline illegible.


Yeah, we're working on that issue... but in the meantime you should login with a TP account or claim your profile to make your name prettier (and upload a photo!).

Re: #4 and 7. Yes. That's why I wanted to roll you all up into my life.

Re: #15. Right. I love kids, but right now I can only think of having a French Bulldog named Chippy. I should have mentioned that I wrote all of that when I was trying to fall asleep at 5am... so my statements are a little stream of sleepy consciousness.

Re: Handwriting. Heh, actually that's my sloppy-almost-falling-asleep-cursive. But thanks anyway :D

Samit Sarkar

As you wish, m'lady.

Also, looking the pages of your notebook makes my eyes hurt (and it's not just from the ZOMG PINK! color).

Anyway, you may (or may not, I have no legitimate idea) be "a real shitty oil painter," but you're a fantastic sketch artist, at the very least. Granted, I may not be the best judge of artistic talent, since I suck at art-related things -- so my opinion may be worthless to you. But I gave it anyway, unsolicited, and there's nothing you can do about it! BWAHAHA!


Wow, look at that profile!!! :D

And thanks for the compliments :) Oil painting is kind of tricky... I imagine I'll try it out again at some point in the future.


Ok tiff... your awesome.. its official.. I doubted it for a while but, i'm now fully convinced. And, I'll only wear leggings in Berlin sometimes, but you have to let me be your image consultant...... hahahahahah


You know it. You'll always be my go-to man for some image consulting. NOW LETS GET ME SOME KICKS!

Da Fronz

Yikes, that is a LOT of coffee. Srsyl, try to work on that. Also, take better pics of your booklet! Too hard to read. I miss skimming through your doodle booklet.


tliff, have you tried bulleit? its tasty!


Heh, sorry, bad lighting. Also, I did start to update my doodles via facebook if you want to look at them there... otherwise you can check in on my drawings set on flickr!

Also, I miss you guys! ><


Yes I have, and yes, it's delicious!


I love your drawings, especially this week's couch one. Is that you? And to be honest, I think French bulldogs are better than kids.


Thanks Kimmie ^.^! Yup, that's me sitting on my living room couch, decompressing post-work. And yeah, French bulldogs make pretty good alternate-babies :P


you're like a mix of me and my roommate. he really wants a french bulldog and i am pretty sure i don't ever want kids. (at least, not with my genes.)

Daniel Morgan

Oh man I'm learning the ways to your heart. I'm down to start a web FIVE POINT OH site with you, but only after you send me music in my dropbox.


LETS DO IT. I'm taking the tour of Dropbox now!!!

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