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February 04, 2009



Thanks for the shout out! If you make it to the Propeller, tell us all about it. We'd love to hear how it plays out in real life!


Of course! And yes, I'd love to visit and take some photos... especially in that Kaleidoscope room!


Like I said before... so many of these rooms I was like "I WANNA SLEEP THERE" until I realized "wait this room is acutally really PERVY." Fuckin' cage room and mirror room, why did you have to be so aesthetically interesting?


When we go on our take-a-boat-across-the-Atlantic-to-get-to-Berlin adventure and visit the lodge, we have to take a bunch of photos that express "I WANNA SLEEP THERE... wait this room is actually really PERVY". Sound good?


basically it will be two nearly identical photos: one of my smiling, looknig thoughtful, and one of me where the smile has melted into mild disgust and shame.

also, plz do me a favour and google berlin, and read the google description of the wikipedia link and tell me if it's... weird to you.


omg now i totally want to go here. many of the rooms seem like they would make me very scared though -- that green padded walls room with the monitor gazing down at you? i play too many video games for that.

i like the temple and landscapes rooms, though.

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