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March 10, 2009


Samit Sarkar

Noby Noby Boy + Tiff = awesome beyond words.


What a good equation!

Samit Sarkar

Highly recommended: playing Noby Noby Boy in a large group. We did this at Josh's (Zen Albatross) apartment a few weeks ago — there were like ten of us watching one person play, but everyone was shouting suggestions and stuff. It was awesome. And I imagine it was also rather disconcerting for someone just hearing it on its own...

"Grab all three clouds!"
"Get tangled up in that spring!"
"Okay, so you have to eat the guy, and then an animal, and then shit them out slowly to combine them."
"Aw, you broke in half. Eat your own ass to fix it!"


That's a good point, I haven't really played it while around any folk, aside from my parent's really. My Mom loved the farty noises, and it was pretty to hear her react with giggles.

Samit Sarkar

Again, "Pooping never gets old!"


awesomeness, i watched the segment last night. i have no frame of reference (i have yet to play the game) but it looks like mad fun! what kind of beer was that? it looks EXACTLY like this budget canadian beer but surely you're not drinknig lakeport honey!


It's Pacifico. It's Mexican and it's tasty and I brought over a 6-er so that they would think I'm cool. They thought it was pretty cool.


I was pretty saddened to see the 1UP Show canned and all of the team let go, but now that they've been picked up by such a great site I'm hoping they'll have a lot of success ahead of them. Tiff-branded success!


That was awesome! (I think a scarf meme has infiltrated everything in the whole world heh) (:


They're a really talented group of guys, so I'm sure they'll have no problem taking off with CO-OP! I'm very hopeful and excited for them :)


Hahahaha, you love the scarf meme! Scarf Meme foreverrrrrrr !


tt, I saw this on Monday . .. . wanted to tell you how GREAT you looked, but I (sooo like me) forgot how to "comment" . . . so sad, . . . anyway, good job and wunderful to seeee you on teevee!!! yea!!!!!


You did good things with CO-OP, I like it. Hope to see you more!


Thanks, I hope so too :)

Michael Kwan

Just saw your appearance on the Co-Op episode with World of Goo. Nice work! Also added you on Twitter (I'm @michaelkwan). Cheers!


Thanks for dropping by my blog and following me!

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