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March 24, 2009




you were awesome one co-op
make more appearances!


Thanks dude!


About the sheep, that is so unreal, I almost refuse to believe it's not faked somehow, lol.

On the COOP tangent, yes, you're fantastic. It's just great to hear a female voice that can throwdown with the boys. Need more people like you.


"That pixel was a dick."

Best quote from Co-op this week, easily. I like your website too - hope you make an appearance in future episodes on Area5.

And the LED sheep is an epileptic seizure waiting to happen.


Thanks Tarmanydyn, I really appreciate it. They're a tremendous group of guys to chat with, so it's been a real pleasure on my behalf to be any part of it!


Hah ha, thanks. I guess I had a little 8-bit rage in me since that pixel was unpredictably moving all over the place!

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