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April 15, 2009



You know.. I really wanted to like Henry Hatsworth since I just fell in love with it the moment I saw some screens.
I started to dislike it a bit when I noticed how messy the level design was. When you compare the 2d platform aspect solely to other games like Noitu Love 2 or Gunstar Heroes it just doesn't compare at all.
I felt it had all the visual flare and sense of humour, but there was no real depth in gameplay. Even controlling the guy felt a little clumsy. Honestly played a little like one of those rushed but pretty 2d platform flash games.
The puzzle aspect didn't really make up for it either. That part was good, but again.. not fun or deep enough.
That and it came out around Rittai Picross which I still haven't put down :I

Jolly good show old chap.

Daniel H.

I just beat Lance Benson on the subway ride home.
That had to be the best boss battle music in a game! And I'm beginning to see just how difficult this game can get.
Great review.


So great! Lance wasn't too tricky to beat, but just wait until you get to the third boss. Terrific characters, but they're hard as hell to defeat! Keep your guard up!


That's too bad you didn't vibe with it. I was always really engaged with the platforming/puzzling. I think they make a good point in the review, that the platforming alone is not the best and the same for the puzzling. But the combination of the two I think is really effective, and it keeps me going back to play it!

Jeffrey Matulef

As a guy with a handlebar moustache who writes about games, loves platformers, and has a blog named "Jumping Moustache," it truly shames me that I have yet to pick this up. Based on the few clips I've seen, the art style did little for me, though the music may help with that. I'm trying to keep my expectations low, but it looks like a winner. Will try soon.


It *sounds* like this playing this game *could* be your destiny. Your destiny may or may not also involve some sort of posed photograph of you donning a monocle and showcasing Mr. Hatsworth's game. Just a thought.

Jeffrey Matulef

Damn, I even have a similar hat and cane. Now, to go about finding that monocle...


i´ve been playing this game since yesterday and its awesome.
nearly missed my train stop twice because of it.
going to watch the review in my lunch break and i hope EA is able to make some money with this.


Yeah, I've definitely missed almost missed my bus stop a few times while playing, and I've been known to impulsively shout out an outcry or two in public as well.

Also, nice drawings on flickr! ^_^


"You Fudgin' Fudger!!!...Fudge You!"


Henry Hatsworth is fantastic! It's eating up way too much of my - rare - free time at the moment. To me it feels like the platformer and the puzzle part are balanced against each other very well, the whole idea of combining two genres in a way that works so seamless is great enough to make me wonder why nobody else thought of that before (?).
The art direction also reminds me of Rick Dangerous. Which is neat.

Paul Mison

I haven't bought Hatsworth yet, but given you like the music, you did know it was available as a free download on the game's site, right? You have to navigate a bunch of Flash to get there, but it's probably worth it. has a track listing.


Yeah, it's gameplay that is totally difficult to explain to someone, but totally absorbing to play! I'm also surprised someone didn't come up with it first... I hope they come out with a sequel (even though I have yet to beat this game yet!!!)


Ooh. I remember someone telling me about this a while ago, but I never really looked into it. Thanks for the link! I love listening to game music :)


I bought Hatsworth after hearing some good things about it at Shacknews - plus with some wheeling and dealing I picked it up for £5 ;)

As has already been established, it's a deceptive little game. The inital mechanics are presented as to be easily pick-up-able, but then the various elements cross-combine to shoot up the difficulity.

The colourful graphics are a delight and the music is very listenable - thanks for the download link!

I'm actually enjoying it more than GTA:Chinatown Wars which although fun, I found overly applauded by the critics. Perhaps just too hardcore for my portable tastes.

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