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May 21, 2009



PvZ is a such a fun tower defense game. Not only is the game hysterical, but it seems like there are SO many things to unlock.

Have you seen their music video yet?

Oh yeah, and that zombified Michael Jackson raising the dead whilst having a choreographed dance party? Classic.


Just "beat" it tonight, absolutely addicted. Admittedly playing with a pirated copy at the moment, but I have every intention of legitimately purchasing it. Kudos to you and the COOP crew for bringing it on my radar.


Oh man, that looks really fun. I might have to break my "no games in Sam's life because otherwise he never gets anything done ever" rule..


Thanks for being honest, but you better buy the game! We gotta do our part to support the indie developers, plus it's a rad game. I hope that CO-OP continues to cover less 'on-the-radar' games in the future... they tend to be my favorites :)


Dude, it's really *really* fun... but it will time suck your life away for a little while. YOU'VE BEEN FOREWARNED!


Oh of course, I have aspirations to becoming a developer myself, I wouldn't wish people to pirate my games either. I'm just being realistic, $20 isn't exactly an impulse buy for me, so I merely have to be sure before I actually purchase most games.

Pretty much the only games I buy without evening batting an eyelash are from Valve, Blizzard, and Bioware. Everything else I look at with a more critical eye.

Nutshell: I'm cheap.


How has little sister already played this? I'm comin' to your house when I'm done here and I'm takin over that game, your alleged atari, zak and wiki, and whatever else awesome you have and just playing it all.

Also, you should use teh coops connection to say you should go to E3 and see me and then go to dtoid karaoke and get hammered. That is all.


The game is only $10 on Steam which is a bit more of an impulse buy.

It's kind of shitty how if you want to play it on Mac though it costs twice as much.


I like how if you infect Zombie Michael Jackson with the crazy mushroom he'll make confused zombie backup dancers who all fight for you.


I was not aware it was on Steam for that price, $10 was actually the price I'd consider an impulse buy for Plants vs. Zombies. Thanks for the heads up, I will go purchase it post haste!


SRA is my friend Sam ;) not the sister (SRC)


I gotta try this game it seems cool. You may also want to try to visit and see what it can offer you, they're giving away 500,000 World of Warcraft Gold!

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