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May 12, 2009



Now if only they do Q-bert and have the Escher/illusion runway - that would ROCK!


That's a GREAT idea... someone should definitely do that. I'd be down for seeing some old-school Atari 8-bit styles show up on the runway at some point too... so much creative potential in all this nerdstuff!

Jon Graham

Wow...alright then.

We're the helmets the things that were being presented?


I doubt it. I'm assuming it was some designer's idea to add them on as the eye-catching-blog-worthy accessory that would get the gamers talking... (like me)

Jon Graham

Still, I would totally toss that on for a quick trip to the grocery store.


[this is good]


What the bloody hell...

Mike Jordan

Giles Deacon

Made the cover of the winter issue of Amusement.


Great! Thanks for the link Mike!

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