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May 06, 2009



Great vid, you saved my day !


I saw this earlier this afternoon, and it also saved my day. serious awesome.


Kanye West - Stronger
-it's almost as if the video was designed for

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek is another good one because of the vertical nature and lens flares!



Oh wow, that Imogen Heap one is really beautiful. Love how the clips fade in and out... very relaxing to watch. Thanks!


Shit! It does become 3D! Awesome link! (:


stumbled across pogo eh? i searched all over to find more of his stuff (albums, downloads, whatever) but most of it is really all there on lots of good tracks, i like his stuff.



I hadn't heard of him before this, but the Alice in Wonderland remix is pretty impressive! *waves* Hi Keener! I see you on my blog!


haha, i was googlin "view .tiff in alice" to get look for some advice on how to view some CT scans from spain in one of our image reading programs and whaddya know, your site was the #1 hit!


Dude, my SEO is wacky and automagical! Ever since I started adding meta keywords to my posts I get so many more hits from google searches!

Hope you're doing well, I miss you!


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