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May 26, 2009



Datum needs more half life 2. You gotta finish that.

More applicable, do you know if there's a name for the text that is the text in most adventure games? Like pixel text with black outline?

Anyway, my contribution:


I know, dude. I'm almost finished!

One of our goals is to isolate the specific font faces that were used in the games themselves, but that part is a little bit trickier than finding fonts we like. Once we identify fonts though, it'd be neat if we could link folks to where they can get them and use them.

We thank you for your contribution, and will credit you for your link!


how awesomely geeky, with the adventure game typography and all. My favorite game font is Apple Kid.

I downloaded the LucasArts Adventure game megapack on torrent a couple of years back. I want to play through a lot of those games, but so far all I've completed is The Secret of Monkey Island.

Sam and Max is next on the list.


I'll have to check out "Apple Kid", what was it used in?

Happy to hear you're giving the old LucasArts Adventure games a pass. I owe a lot to those games, and they had a huge impact on me as I was growing up. I hope you enjoy them, and Sam & Max + Day of the Tentacle are must plays!


Apple Kid is the updated version of Orange Kid which are typefaces from the cult favorite SNES game Earthbound. A must play if you're a fan of quirky LucasArts adventure game humor, imo.

I actually was impacted by Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle growing up too. I played through them when I was younger but I decided I wanted to play through more of those games now that I'm older and arguably smarter.

I remember playing DotT and starting up Maniac Mansion in-game, and then getting frustrated that I couldn't figure out how to exit and get back to the DotT!


Wow, thanks for the font! I'll probably be injecting this into Text Adventure somehow... will certainly credit you :)

And yeah! I had the same trouble with DOTT. I remember finding Maniac Mansion and then getting really upset and *scared* that I couldn't return to the main game!


I think I ended up just closing the game and reloading my last save. I tend to get upset when I have to redo things in a game that I just did for dumb reasons. My version also didn't have voices which was nice since I could make up my own in my head.


Thanks for the link, it's a really cool site. Any other suggestions for stuff to do with graphic design in games? It's an area that's difficult to google :) Seems to me that graphics have been given all the attention and UIs and other design elements have been a bit neglected. What do you think?


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