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May 15, 2009


Marcus B

The game looks like all kinds of awesome. I would have to agree with you Incredible Crisis rocks. My hand is raised and Tiff said I'm awesome. I think I'm blushing :) So when's the game coming out?


Awesome, glad you played Incredible Crisis! It's one of my favorite PS1 gems. No clue when the game is coming out, but maybe if we look hard enough at the crazy website we'll figure it out!

Marcus B

What would make this game even more amazing is if Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra did the soundtrack. I think that’s one of the reasons I loved Incredible Crisis so much.


Major Minor's Majestic Muscle March.

Someone get Rodney Greenblat on the phone!


Reminds me of that co-op game on Warioware Smooth Moves where you have to jump over obstacles except much cooler.

and I remember reading EGM coverage of Incredible Crisis back in the day but alas, I've never played it.


You should play Incredible Crisis if you get the chance! Really wacky mini-game format with a terrific soundtrack. They should make it available on PSN!


*(trumpets play) YUEEEEH!


Is this the Cho aniki sequel?


Not sure if it's an official sequel, though it certainly looks to be in the same vein of Japanese games featuring grinning, speedo-ed, super-muscular characters.


Even though I'm not sure exactly what I was watching, I'm very intrigued! The running Thunder Down Under guys makes me giggle. Will google more info about that.

Also, don't know if you remember me, but it's Tiff (er, the other Tiff?) from Vox.

I don't use Vox anymore, but I decided to log in today (once in a blue moon) and found this site from your Vox.

I've always loved reading your entries. Keep it up!


Hey Tiff! Wow, blast from the past... I'm happy to see you've found my new blog from ye olde one.

I see you've started a new blog as well. I'll be sure to keep track of it, I like how creative you are! ^.^


What is the song playing in the muscle man trailer? I neeeeeeeeeed to know.

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