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May 01, 2009



Do you really have to be so hot? ;)

That's a great series of photographs :D

Hall & Oates -- nice choice. Brings back some memories. I remember my dad had one of their LPs.

Account Deleted

2 hip 2 cute

Marcus B

This is such a cool idea. I’m kinda scarry looking so I don’t think it would work out well for me.


Nice photoset, but word to the wise, the larger versions of these photos are apparently set to private. Not sure if that was intentional, just pointing it out either way.


Yes, I set them on private :) While I know that sort of defeats the purpose of the project for the majority of people, I'm still not comfortable exposing gigantic photos of my face across the Internet for all to see :)

But, maybe someday!


Haha, fair enough. Though there's also the small text that isn't quite legible at the current resolution, I suppose they'll have to remain a mystery.

In any case I sent a friend request over Flickr
(Theodropham), feel free to decline, lol.


Hypothetically one could go to my public twitter and match the photos with my timeline, but yeah. Until there's a .tiff's twitter-portrait calendar for 2009 or someone wants to hang these babies up in a gallery, the tiny text will remain a mystery!


Haha, I think that's a bit... much. Though the idea of a .tiff calendar isn't half bad, I'd say that given your appearances on CO-OP, you have a respectable amount of sweaty nerds fawning over you, could be a profitable venture, eh?

Well, not really... but the photoset more or less already is a calendar, though not a functional one mind you, unless you can take pictures of yourself in the future... Should you come across time-traveling technology, a functional .tiff calendar should definitely be a priority.


Yes, all jokes. The very idea of making profit from my face sounds pretty silly to me.


Haha, I think you're being too modest.


I think your pictures turned out great, I especially like day 10 and 12 of May.


Sorry I meant April although May was great too.

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