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June 18, 2009


Garth Webb

Cool, I want to play Flashback! Also, I do not want to play Night Trap. Also also, if you ever catch me vamping out on a tennis racket like it was a guitar, please make sure I come to a violent end.


Just forget your tennis racket at home before you come to my party! Yeah, I don't think that Night Trap is that great... but the "perfect ending" is kind of funny (I guess you don't have to play it if you can watch it on YouTube)

Garth Webb

Haha, soooo cheesy. Oh no! I've found myself perfectly positioned in front of a trap door! And what's this? Smoke? Noooooooooo!

Jeffrey Matulef

Still no Pieces:


Flashback is my favorite game of all time. Good choice picking it up. Did you play Eric Chahi's follow up to Another World, Heart of Darkness? The game looks amazing, kinda like Skullmonkeys. Or another game bleeding with style is Vib Ribbon. There was this chef game I played on a Playstation Jampack where you run a resturant and do many of the tasks from pouring beer to counting money using only the analog sticks. If I knew the name, I would totally recommend it.


The name of the chef game is (quite obviously) "I'm The Chef" or "Ore-no Ryori". 'Tis quite dope.

Marcus B

Flashback was so amazing the first time I played it I still love the music. I have to agree with Kenny Vib Ribbon and Ore-no-Ryon are both awesome.


I remember how "Interactive Movies" were all the rage when CD-ROMs became more widespread. I think most of them where trash... yuck.

I totally forgot about Heart of Darkness!


Wow. I remember these being out, but never ended up playing either of them. The flashback video totally reminds me of playing Another World on the Amiga (, and Night Trap... Call me crazy, but I think that would be a blast to sit down with. Maybe one would have to make a drinking game out of it or something.
Anyway, good post; and you do good work on Co-op.


Oh, and "HEY, You're that GUY!"
Just to acknowledge your Party Down reference, if it was one.


Thanks dude, and thanks for stopping by!

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