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July 29, 2009



awww, I was really hoping it was Nintendo. But I agree with DiLugi. I wouldn't have know a sequel was coming if I didn't find the twitter account.


I was really hoping that it was actually Professor Layton. He can solve my puzzles anytime.

Account Deleted

Someone mentioned on Twitter whether this dude did something that is ethical as a journalist. He was, essentially, promoting a Nintendo product via this fake Twitter account. So can he truly be considered a journalist, given the fact that he's doing unsolicited guerrilla marketing for Ninty?


I suppose the question for me in this case is where a strong passion or love for a game crosses over to "promotion" when it comes from a game journalist. It's one thing if Roger is advertising/soliciting the Twitter account via his site, but given the performative nature of the conversations (particularly between the other characters who appeared on Twitter) it seemed more like an endeavor motivated by a true fan of a game as opposed to a larger marketing ploy.


Not endorsed by Nintendo. Great game anyway.

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