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July 21, 2009



Thanks for the heads up!
Chiptunes are great; for my final project in my audio class i composed a Zelda theme chiptune remix and my proffesor loved it.
Weezer is dl'ed and synced to my ipod, cant wait to listen :D



That sounds great! I wish I knew how to compose some of these tunes... I have the Korg DS-10 that I've been fooling around with but I really don't know how to use it professionally.


I have it to!
Its alot of fun, in my opinion it just a matter of trial and error with it. Its a very basic sequncer with alot of potential. i think of it as a sketch pad where you can compose some pretty neat sounding stuff very quickly once you become familiar with the interface. I love the chiptunes the guys over at Area 5 use, i wish they would put out a soundtrack!


I'm pretty sure they actually use music that is free to download/use... I could be wrong, but you should ask them on their site whether you can DL the soundtrack! I'm sure the artists would be flattered.


Yes i agree.
I have asked in the comments before and didnt get a reply. I know the show keeps them busy though:-) Maybe if enough people ask they may consider it. At first i thought Ceasar composed it but now im not so sure lol. Cant wait for the Daft Punk chiptunes link to be up and working


There is also some good 8-bit The Prodigy at

To bad the Daft Punk was pulled so shortly after its release. Luckily, I managed to grab a copy :)


Thanks for all the hidden gems in this blog. Any hints where we can get the DP album now?


Lil sis and I were listening to these, trying to figure out how they would work in a game. My favorite was Boss theme buddy holly.


Did my best to try scrounging the web for clues to where you can get the DP album... but unfortunately I was unable to find anything! I'll let you know if I happen to stumble upon it again.


You're totally right. That would be a mega-awesome-weezer-boss-fight!

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