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September 22, 2009



the 7th level is killing me!


I'm intrigued but


You don't have permission to access /icycle on this server.


I found this through I absolutely love it. I'm stuck in the 6th level, actually, it's the screen you captured that I'm stuck in.


I found Twice Upon A Time on google videos.

in case any of you were disappointed it's not on netflix.


You gotta use the floaty gravity mechanism to wave through the obstacles! Took me a while to get it, just be gentle how you maneuver your buddy around the rocks.

Have you seen Twice Upon A Time? The last time I actually watched it was on google videos, since it's literally impossible to find anywhere else...

Garth Webb

I finally got through Icycle! Its funny, after finishing I was able to go back and get 100% of the bubbles on the first 4 levels pretty quickly.


Oh, how sad :{

AJ of Stilton Studios...

Thanks for the nice comments on the sound! AJ of Stilton Studios..


Didn't know that Stilton Studios was responsible for the sound! Well done!

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