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October 23, 2009


Peter Bridger

I'm almost there... LittleBigPlanet and MGS4 are the big draws to me, but I still can't quite justify the spend at the moment.

I've actually been thinking about selling my PSP, because I use my iPhone/DS much more for gaming. The trouble is it's so darn beautiful! :)


Welcome to the PS3! I haven't quite made it there myself, though with every big release I'm interested I've been making promises to do so. I guess the final straw will be if they port the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia to the states. I've got 400+ hours into the 360 version, and I still want more :D

Uncharted 2, Flower, LBP, and a few other games will be icing on the cake.


New picture viewer is dope.


Why THANKS! We are building new awesome features every DAY!


To be honest, I've never found much use for my PSP, other than playing Patapon when it first came out. Maybe I can do something fun with it now that I have a PSP, but the iPod Touch and the DS are pretty much my go-to handhelds these days!

I'm *very* happy with my PS3 though. I recommend it when you feel like shelling out 300 bones!


A stray tweet led me to your blog, Tiff, and then I nosily wondered if you'd remarked on Uncharted 2 and quickly found this post!

Really glad that you liked it so much! Huzzah! We'll have to get cracking on making you guys something new to play..!


Oh Rich, it was tremendous! Steph and I enjoyed every minute... so thank you for all of your hard work! Can't wait to see what comes next :)

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