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November 10, 2009


Nima Badiey

Happy Birthday Tiff!


Happy birthday :)


Picture is unrelated but awesome. Leonardo is the best.

Also happy birthdays.


Happy Birthday! I turn 24 next month and am not sure how I feel about being in the mid-twenties but you seem quite optimistic about it.

As far as your list of accomplishments for 23, I've only done one, which is meet Keita Takahashi. I shook his hand and got an autograph (no hugs).


Photo is very unrelated, but I guess you could say I'm contemplating my 24 years in the spirit of a thoughtful Leonardo. I would argue that Donatello is the best, however.

ALSO, thank you for Borderlands! I hear that this business is crack. Also I need someone to play with, alas!


Happy (soon-to-come) Birthday! To be honest, I had a *teeny-tiny* freak attack when I realized I was one year closer to approaching the big 25, but frankly my twenties have been some of my best years and I look forward to whatever comes next.


That's the spirit. At 24, 6 years ago you were 18 and in 6 years you'll be 30. Crazy huh?

Where did you meet Keita Takahashi? Was it by chance at IndieCade? That's where I met him.


Met him once at GDC 09 and again at a small Indiecade after party. *fan girl gleeeeEeeee*


Happy Birthday! I'll actually be 23 come January... glad it'll be awesome territory! Well, hopefully. Oh, and 25 was always my lucky number, so for some reason ever since I was a little kid I've wanted to be that age. I'm getting close!

juegos de estrategia

haha nice turtle!


Sweet, glad you got it. Will be there to play in two weeks!


Yes! Will tow along Uncharted 2 as well to Thanksgivings for tryptophan induced gaming sessions post-feast.


You are older now! I thought that chili dog was going to be a poutine and I got excited.

Danse la poutine,



I will be "ajoute-ing la sauce et le fromage squich squich" all week long!


Happy Birthday!

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