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December 16, 2009


Account Deleted


As the youngest of 6 boys, I can relate...but it was usually the older ones cheating me. Something like pausing as I jumped over a hole, which caused me to fall straight down (Original Super Mario Bros).

Michael Sippey

It's like he photocopied the screen, and then literally cut and pasted in a 1. With glue. Or tape. Or spit. And then scanned *that* and sent it to you.


damn, that's intense. did you draw on your iphone screen to study the patterns and such like Wiebe did?




"Billy Mitchell".. Is that something I can reuse again?

Billy Mitchell

Behind the magic: Black and white and blurring effects were courtesy of Photoshop Mobile, now available for free on iphone and ipod touch. Limited in actual functionality but quite useful if you just want to create controversy.

PS, downloaded it on Papa chow's iphone. His current record is about 2300.


CURSES, BILLY. Always harsh-ing my mellow. Dude.


Haha, best thing I read the whole day. I'll get an iPod Touch soon.


Yeah! Get one, and then we can compete! I was thinking about updating this post since I'm now IN THE LEAD with 26,265m, but I don't want to rub it in my brother's face :P

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