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January 18, 2010


Xris Ernest Hall

Oh, man, KIdPix. My little brothers had that on their LC III, but of course I had to play with it. It had some cool ideas, especially the fact you could draw something really simple and then make a stamp out of it.


Yeah, the whole thing was really swell. My favorite tools were the colorful stamps and the bomb eraser that fizzled and exploded to swipe everything from the page. The sound for 'Undo' was also really great, if I remember correctly. Ahhh, KidPix.


Ahh Kid Pix, thanks for the nostalgia trip.


Short History of KidPix. Didn't actually read it but the pictures brings things back. The "OhNo" undo button. The firecracker eraser. Good times.


Awesome find brother. I'm totally going to read this (and steal this site design)

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