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January 13, 2010



Not releasing anything soon? What about The Knife's, in collaboration with Mount Sims, commissioned opera about Charles Darwin? Only a month and a half away!


did i ever show you the version of fever ray's "if i had a heart" i did in MARIO PAINT?!?!? probably not sincei have no idea how to record or share it ;_;;;;;;


@n0wak ! This is tremendous news !

@Brilliam NO YOU DID NOT. But you should. I don't know, record it on 12.seconds or something like that !


I don't suppose you have (or can easily get) an RSS feed, so I can catch your posts in a more timely manner? ^_^


You should be able to just insert my URL in a feed reader and get updates... but if not let me know (you can email me :) I hope there's not a problem with my RSS feed! That would make a .tiff pretty sad panda.

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