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February 19, 2010



I'm in Canada :) It's available here:


Ah, thanks Moni! And if you want to see some Bizarro .tiff appearances, check out the SXX Blur segment in Episode 13 or the Cooking Mama segment in Episode 15 ;)


Haha, I'll have to check those out :)


LOL - cool.


If you ever need someone to do cheesy line-reads on camera like "Time to curl up next to the console for a winter gaming session", you know who to ask!

Michael Sippey

I saw Ben Folds play a concert once. He was not a jerk on stage, though he did play his piano quite forcefully, which I'm sure all the professional piano tuners in the audience took offense to.


MTV Canada is some weird worm hole of random stuff, most of which isn't current. Kinda sucks because a dtoider is on Silent Library and I can't see it. :(

From what I've gathered if you talk to enough journalists/fans every celebrity is an asshole. Apparently they're not like most people who can have good and bad days. *shrugs*

Oh, and I bought the Indie Love Bundle like 5 minutes before the sale was supposed to end. Forgot all about it. :P


Shit, that article you link to mostly makes the interviewers come off like douches. What a bunch of douchey douches...

Mooch Rex

Living and working in New York I’ve crossed paths with many celebrities, all of whom have been pretty decent people. I find it’s more the person who they may be interacting with that may set them off, or put them on edge. Case in point, Ben Stiller was up at the Nick offices not too long ago, and I happened to share the elevator with him on the way down to the lobby. Before he jumped on, a co-worker ran up to him and kind of forced himself on him, grabbing his hand and shaking it without asking first. Stiller was amiable enough, but I could tell he wasn’t exactly thrilled. When he stepped onto the elevator, and the door shut, he warmly turned to me and said “Hey, how’s it going?”, I wasn’t expecting that, but I’m not one to get starstruck so I immediately replied “It’s going well, and yourself?” He seemed genuinely surprised that someone would ask how he was, and not hound him with questions on what it was like to mug along with DeNiro, or what they put in Cameron Diaz’s hair to make it stand on end in “Mary”, or how he locked down Marsha from the Brady Bunch movie;). We chatted briefly, and he was super cool. Don’t know if he’s into video games though:) The end:)

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