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February 22, 2010



I'm an lj user who just switched my lj to Landscape Country Day,
designed by Tiffany Chow.

In my old style, the quote at the top of my pages plays correctly, a slightly smaller type face, in italic.

When I tried that with Landscape Country Day, I ran into trouble. It was either so small I couldn't read it (three eye surgeries in 2009, and the way my eyes are now is PERMANENT), but when I tried to adjust it, only the same size as all the rest of the type seems to be allowed.

I only have minimal HTML skills, so I could be goofing up. Is there a way I can at least make that quote (and other quoted sections that I might want to imbed) use a slightly shorter line length, at least?


Here's an individual page URL that really bothers me. Lots of quoted material TOO SMALL FOR ME TO READ...


Hi Despina. I only created the illustration for that theme, and thus cannot help you with any help regarding the layout/html of its appearance on LJ. I suggest you contact LJ support for advice. Sorry I can't help more :/

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