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February 22, 2010


Mooch Rex

I love me some Tim and Eric! I cry every time I see "Spaghett", and dare I say I'd pay real money to see him give a horse massage whilst guzzling "cigarette juice". Dreams do come true, or so "they" tell me...

Are you a fan of Ricky Gervais at all Tiff? Have you seen the animated podcast on HBO this past week? Thoughts?


Have to admit, though I think I'd be a fan of Mr. Gervais I've never checked him out. Any idea of where to get started? I'm a Gervai N00B.

Xris Ernest Hall

@.TIFF: the answer is as obvious as it is true: the original, BBC version of "The Office." After that, his other series "Extras", not quite at the same level, but still very much worth watching.


Yeahhhh, I have yet to get around to the original Office. Shame on me! I should do that soon (after I finish Deadwood and Veronica Mars!)

Xris Ernest Hall

I actually envy you, since you will have the experience of being familiar with the American version and then watching the original.

I still haven't watched Deadwood, but Veronica Mars is how I first won fame on Vox:

I recommend only watching the first two seasons. The third one just proves the rule that it's impossible to make a good TV show about college (the exception proving that rule is "Undeclared.")

Mooch Rex

Xris's advice is sound. The original UK "Office" is cringe comedy at its very best. Gervais is a genius, plain and simple. It's must watch stuff if you're a fan of "reality comedy". I enjoyed "Extras" quite a bit actually, it's definitely worth watching, and, of course, the animated podcast is laugh out loud as well.

I have to admit, I've mainly caught Tim and Eric via clips on the internet instead of by any sort of regular TV viewing. I do DVR "30 Rock" and "Community" though, two American comedy series that are WAY up there. Just fantastic stuff. Tina Fey is a goddess!


Tina Fey is my idol.

When I have TV time I'll def. sample the Office and Extras. Not sure about Community though... lots of people like it but I wasn't sold by the pilot. I'm a fan of Modern Family!

Mooch Rex

Community has really come into its own. It's not afraid to delve into weird territory either, like 30 Rock. I loved the episode where Tracey Jordan tried to mesh with the real world! Ridiculously funny! And Tina Fey's best scene (for my money, anyhow) was her "Cheesy Blasters" song complete with air guitar. She can do no wrong in my book, everything she says is audible gold:)

Yeah, I agree, Modern Family is pretty solid too. For some reason the "cool" dad both cracks me up AND annoys me all in one breath. Go figure...

Thanks MeatCat!

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