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February 02, 2010




Account Deleted

Really, they're playing for the $5000 prize, not the 6-month QA contract position.


Yikes. $5,000 dollars? That's it? I hope the deal also includes the covershoot opportunity to be on the cover of EGM magazine... or... something. Complimentary t-shirt?

Account Deleted

Well, this repeated from a member of QA in my company. He was talking about it at the office today. He is paying much closer attention to this TV show, for obvious reasons. :-)

Considering how hard QA works, and often for contract (no benefits) positions, I would've thought they'd get a much better prize. :-\

Thomas Davi

This seems...interesting...I guess they were just scraping the sides of the idea pot after the scooped out the Jersey Shore. I think I'll pass on this one (yes I am going to secretly watch, don't tell anyone!)


The most depressing part is that it'll almost certainly give people the wrong impression of what game testing and QA in general is like. It's a very frustrating, boring, repetitive, thankless job that many people just aren't cut out for, but is an absolute necessity that doesn't get the credit it deserves (being awarded as a prize to someone regardless of actual qualification is a good example... I'm curious how long the winner will last before quitting or being fired).

Of course there is the implied statement that this prize can be a stepping stone to something higher, which while nice just underscores how this really isn't all that great of a prize...


However, like other people I will probably at least try to watch this if I can get ahold of it (no PSN access D:), just to see if it's another drama-forced reality show with a gamer facade slapped on it or not (the previews so far aren't looking good :\)


I've got an idea for a reality show. It's called DVD Maker and what they do is, through multiple challenges like "guess the movie star" and various versions of charades, they decide a winner who then goes on to pack DVD cases filling in sleeves and placing discs inside.


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