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March 15, 2010



For the record, I just found it on! I have no idea who actually made it, sadly.


Snakebomb answered your question and said he found it on Ashley A's flickr site... Sounds like he made it by taking sampling pixelart from the Castelvania games and a few added elements. Pretty f'in wawesome, if you ask me!

Michael Sippey

I keep threatening but one of these days I WILL WATCH IT ALL AGAIN. I swear. Really wish it were available via Netflix Instant, because then I'd just watch one after the other after the other and not get any sleep for a couple weeks.


Yes! You need to.

No excuses. I think you can watch all of the episodes on CBS, here!


I want the second season box so bad.

Mooch Rex

Lovely image! Is Twin Peaks really as good as advertized? I’m fairly familiar with the world and its lexicon, but I’ve never seen an episode. Is it worth watching?
(Oddly enough I’ve owned the season one score for years, and it’s one of my faves. Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise are a match made in heaven.)


Oh man Mooch, you gotta check out Twin Peaks. It's amazing. I love it, I'd watch it again now if I wasn't pushing through Deadwood at the moment.

Mooch Rex

Popped onto Amazon to see what they had in regards to Twin Peaks and I stumbled onto this set, with this compilation video:

Cup o' Joe!

Ordered it immediately. Can’t wait to watch with two cups of good, hot, black coffee:)

António Almada Guerra

Adorable pixels.

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