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March 24, 2010



That was such an interesting read... thanks for sharing .Tiff! I think games are kind of slowly moving in that direction, becoming more concise and based more on raw emotion and basic human instincts than trying to copy film or books. There's something to be said for a game that can say something without any words...

Of course, I like story-driven games too. Maybe there's a way to mix them together? Sort of like how Mass Effect 2 moved a lot of technical stuff behind the scenes which allowed you to just sort of experience the game instead of worrying about stats or leveling up.

Mooch Rex

This article just changed my life. I’m awed.

Eric Chahi has always been a huge personal hero of mine. “Another World” is easily my favorite game of all time, and I was lucky enough to have played it during it’s initial release (via Amiga) and I was instantly transported to a world, a LIVING, breathing world, that I had to puzzle through at terrifying but wonderful risk to the main character, Lester Knight Chaykin. Once I emerged from that alien planet, I found myself changed by the experience. It’s a feeling I’ve ALWAYS looked to reclaim even in today’s games. There was nothing like “Another World” before it and there have been very few since (I’d cite “Ico” and “Shadow of the Colossus” as worthy successors as well). “Sword and Sworcery” seems to be delving deep into the philosophy put forth via those games, it’s got their blood pumping, and as a result, ours. I suppose that’s why the game has made such a forceful impact right out of the gate.

It’s so strange, but I’m SO inspired by this article, that a game concept just flashed into my head while digesting all of this heady material. I think the idea is worthwhile, and it’s definitely in the vein of what’s been discussed here by the SuperBrothers. I just need to find a good programmer and I’ll be set! (I think. I’ve never attempted to make a game before! LOL!)


Happy to share! Alright Mooch, you know what that means. LESS TALK MORE ROCK AKA YOU SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE A GAME. I should be following the same rules too. I can't even begin to list the number of game ideas I've had over the last couple of years that are pretty interesting, but I get lost in the ideas and never execute. I don't know how to program, but if you come up with enough material I'm sure you could find someone to join your cause (cause making games is AWESOME).

Mooch Rex

Most definitely my new mantra! I was so fired up I contacted my good friend at Gilded Skull Games (the creator of the wonderful "Imp or Oaf" game for the iPhone) and picked his brain for a while. The advice he gave was invaluable. In a fever I created the basic look, feel and main character for the game. Worked out a flow chart as well (just to get a quick overview). I really want this game to be an experience, I want it to inspire others, and affect them the same way "Another World" did with me, and that "Sword & Sworcery" is doing now. Beyond excited! Ok, ok, enough talk. Time to ROCK!

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