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March 12, 2010


Mooch Rex

Missed the actual battle vid! I've never wished for a time machine more than I have at this moment. Love when the "Grizzled Boor" pounds on his shield before he attacks. For small pixelated characters, they've got great little personality ticks so far:)


Certainly. I love how they cut to that one scene of the lute player... sitting by him/herself. Just 'cause. This game is gonna rock my blocks off!


Liked the video if just for how they presented it as an iphone game, with the circles indicating the touch. iPhone games should be shown this way. Enough of the videos of dark rooms with over the shoulder footage.

Mooch Rex

Did the sneaking pay off? Get a chance to play this at all?


I *did* in fact, get to play the demo of this. It was *incredible*. I mean, I basically went through all of which is shown in the trailer, but exploring the environment in person was really a tremendous treat. The ending of the demo (not shown) is also very lovely. The atmosphere of this game is spot on, and I can't wait to see more of it..

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