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March 04, 2010



as a fresh macbook pro owner, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

I wonder if I would have to re-buy things.


exiting times


If Valve folk are as good as I think they are, they'll allow peeps who bought the games on PC Steam play the same games on MAC if compatible. Wouldn't be fair otherwise!


Is this really that exciting? Yay, old games we've all already played getting re-released on computers we may or may not have.

How about they release episode 3 already. I am in some desperate need for closure.


I think it's pretty exciting. First of all, I've *never* been a computer gamer because I've always been a Mac user. Sure, I could have picked up a PC along the way, but I honestly wasn't all that interested when I had my consoles. If I can get a computer gaming experience on my Mac with Valve games, that's a major plus.

Furthermore, this could more or less nibble on the heels of the excuse that PC's are the Gamers' computer of choice. The iPhone and iPod Touch have shown that Apple is interested in developing their products into gaming platforms, and now that their lappies have caught up in the computing meat, why shouldn't Mac users be able to play big games too?

But you're right. Episode 3 is much in need.


I find it interesting how loyal Mac users are.

I've always used PCs, my iPhone being my only Apple product, but I've never considered myself a PC person.


Eh, loyalty definitely goes both ways. The fact that I use Macs is based on the fact that I've used them forever (I was hypercard adventurin' before I even know what a computer was). I've used PC's too, but seeing as I was always familiar with Macs it was just never worth the switch-over for me. I think that speaks the same for a lot of PC users :)


When i heard about this (or the possibility of this) I thought "Cool, more steam users". hopefully this helps the steam community of great gamers grow even larger. I know plenty of people (since I go to a fancy art college full of Mac users) that wish they had more gaming options on their Mac (since most can't afford to purchase an expensive Mac and affordable PC). Early welcome to the steam family, Mac users (and Tiff :] )


My favorite was the "I hate different" one, just because it took me an extra minute to realize what that meant. In other mac news, telltale is making its way to mac, offering the new monkey island series and soon the Sam & Max series. And yes, if you bought the PC versions, you are allowed to download the MAC versions gratis:


@Javier Thanks! I can't wait!

@Shamous That one was good too. Man, Valve sure is awesome. All of that teaser art is great.

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