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April 19, 2010



Very scary movie.


Heh, I didn't think so, unless by "scary" you mean "GOOFY" and "AMAZING".

Account Deleted

Wow. I've never heard of this movie. Interesting. If you want to find more cultic movie, search movies directed by "Shuji Terayama" like this one:


Woah, looks interesting. Do you know what the English title of this movie is (if it exists, that is)? Thanks!

Account Deleted

According to it's a "Den-en ni shisu" no English though. Have fun and let me know another cult Japanese movie :)


Goofy, yes, but I found it dreamlike enough to legitimately scare me. It felt like having a dream and sensing it's about to lapse into a nightmare. The campiness of it all is a unsettling frame of reference for all the severed heads and demonic cats. Ugh!


Haha, well when I watched it I was in a giant old theater with tons of people laughing and giggling at the campiness so it was hard to see the movie otherwise :) There were definitely some creepy moments that didn't get any laughs, but then one of the girls would say something like "Oh, I suppose it's just an illusion!" or "Kung-fu you're so COOL!" and then we'd all be back to laughing again :)

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