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June 18, 2010


David Jacobs

Of course the next question is - what would an appropriate homage to Twin Peaks as a video game? A collection of surreal mini-games? A text-based interactive fiction game? A MMORPG? Should it have an end?


A collection of surreal mini-games tied by narrative or an adventure game seems the most appropriate to me, though, an MMORPG where I can play as Audrey or the Log Lady would be dreeeaaaaammmyyyy.


So... I typed up a nice long reply but just as I was closing the tab I noticed the captcha that's on your blog now. :\

Anyways, yay for adventures in Greenvale! :D

The game definitely starts out slow (the first "episode" is more than a quarter of the game), and does a pretty bad job of explaining some mechanics (like the time limits), but like you I couldn't help but be drawn into it. And while this isn't a good excuse, if you do certain side quests you'll get rewards that'll help negate most of the annoying parts of the game.

This is definitely a case of story over gameplay. I hope you enjoy how it pans out. :)

I gotta say though that the PSX/N64 comparisons annoy me. Really? Does it really look that bad? Sure it looks pretty bad for a current-gen game, but it's not quite that bad. :P



Hey Scotty, thanks for commenting. Despite the fact that my man is giving me a LOT of crap for playing this game (he can't even be in the same room when I play because it irritates him so much), I'm trying to stick with it. Most recently I was pretty sold when I was driving at night and Agent York started to talk to 'Zach' about B-movies. This game is a lot more self-aware than it seems at first.

The game controls are still frustrating and there are so many bugs, but I'm enjoying myself thus far. Maybe it's not nearly as bad as N64, though the graphics are the definition of unrefined and the repeated textures are an eyesore I haven't experienced since the N64 era. I do enjoy the layout of the small forested town though, so things aren't all that bad.


Hehehe, yeah. The conversations make it worth it to not use the fast travel device you can get. Pay more attention to the backgrounds, and text captions (signs, license plates, etc). Lots of funny little things, both intentional and not (a few good Engrish examples :D). I completely understand why someone wouldn't like this game, but things like that are why I love it. :D

Something the game doesn't tell you is that the time limit can be missed and will be there the next day. So don't feel rushed and explore all you want (cigarettes help pass time quickly btw). The more you dig into the non-main quest portions of the game the more detail you find was put into it. Before my 360 E74'd I was going through my second playthrough on hard, and noticed a lot more details as I did things a little different. :)

Have you gotten to the wall crawling enemies yet? (around chapter 10 I think) Easily the most frustrating part of the game for me. I'd recommend looking up some strategies online on how to more easily beat them (or email me) if you haven't figured them out. :)


This blog is boring. Needs more posts, stat! Post stat. Poststat. Postat. Pasta?

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