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June 01, 2010



More drawings please!


Yes! I should probably draw again tonight to keep the trend going...


Yes, draw more! Also, whenever you get to Red Dead Redemption, we should form up a posse.


haven't seen any comments sync yet, have you?

cory schmitz

Do I need to get this game?


Absolutely! It's a little piece of brilliance.


sleigh bells and a new pair of headphones changed my life a little bit two weeks ago.


Ugh, I hate it when people use the term Cheers. Its like British Cherri-o without the o. At least that can be mistaken as a cereal. Perhaps we should replace that term with another cereal.

Count Cocula! (no that doesn't work)


I would say "To the Count!" instead. Does that sound better? I'll sign my letters to you like that.

Mooch Rex

Love the drawing! They say the Devil’s in the details, and if that’s true, then your drawing is ruler of all of Hades!

And how great is Little Dragon? I’ve only recently become aware of her from her appearance on the Gorillaz “Plastic Beach” album. I downloaded “Machine Dreams” a few days ago and I’m really digging it. Favorite tracks so far are “Never Never” and “My Step”. Man, when she sings the hook in “My Step” it kills me. SO good!


Yeah, Little Dragon is just great. I really *love* her voice. So unique!

cory schmitz

I got it and oh my god I'm so helplessly addicted. THANKS IT'S SO GOOD :D

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