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July 16, 2010


Colin Caret

Thanks Tiff, that was awesome! :D


That was a neat little game, Tiff! I'd say more, but yeah... definitely something people should just experience for themselves :)

Jeffrey Matulef

Initially I didn't get what I was supposed to do and failed within a few seconds. Once I got it, I just found it really boring. But by the end I felt it was a life-changing experience worth sticking with;)


Teh Graffics on this game are teh wurst.

But seriously. Found that following the tip was an interesting experience. Pretty relaxing indeed.


Took 3 times to beat. Found it a little frustrating because of that, which I feel shouldn't be the case for what they're trying to accomplish. I found the ending quote to be a little pretentious.


Hehe, very cute. The highpoint for me is definitely the art though. Really brought back memories of older adventure games, like KQ6 and SQ4. :)

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